The Shield Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Station is a robust dispenser which can be easily installed and maintained.

All of us have a responsibility and this unique dispenser is the ultimate answer to reducing the spread of germs or viruses and ensuring persons are sanitising hands at all times.

The operating pedal means that the human skin does not come into contact with the dispenser, eradicating the risk of cross-contamination.

This patented stainless steel dispenser is completely mechanical, using the leverage of the foot pedal to dispense hand sanitiser. Being controlled by the foot eliminates all hand contact.

Stainless Steel grade 304 gives you a corporate dispenser to suit office, commercial and retail settings. Being a standalone bollard, the dispenser is easily recognisable.

No professional installation required with just 1 bolt for assembly. Can be held down with two anchor bolts at the base for security. Insert the hand sanitiser bottle and you are ready to go! No wall mounts, no batteries, no faulty sensors.

Manufactured in United States, Europe, Australia & New Zealand. Models vary between regions. Contact us to get in touch with a distributor near you:

Hands Free






  • No contact with hands
  • 100% Mechanical
  • No professional installation required
  • Durable & robust
  • High quality stainless steel finish
  • Free Standing or fixed into position
  • Can be fixed to the ground
  • Suitable for high-usage areas
  • Patented Design


  • Height : 1,000mm
  • Diameter – Australia / New Zealand: 101.6mm
  • Diameter – UK / Europe: 114mm
  • Diameter – US / Canada: TBC

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